Stephanie Carroll, MBA, IBCLC, CLC, CLS

Marketing Consultant

Helping you design success using nothing but the "breast"!

Specializing in lactation, parenting, and baby business marketing.


Website Design


Are you looking to create a new look for your practice? With a business and lactation background, I can help streamline your business by helping to modernize your brand, while also bouncing off ideas from a maternal child health standpoint using only evidence based information.

Social Media Marketing


Want your business to take off? Meeting new families where they are at is proven to increase website and personal practice traffic. As an experienced consultant, I also specialize in social media marketing.

E-mail Marketing


Already have a list of people you'd like to send special offers to? E-mail marketing is known to be one of the best ways coalitions, organizations, and businesses confer with other professionals and returning clients.