Frquently Asked Questions


What are the cost of your services?

Each client I take on has a unique and special goal for their business. Because of this, each project cost is different from the last. With that being said, I offer services in any price range and will work with the client to provide the necessary form of payment with different payment options.


Why do I need a marketing consultant?

Many of us in the lactation field know our stuff! But that doesn't necessarily mean we are all technologically savvy. Skip the heartache of trying to figure it all out yourself and let me do the dirty work for you. I promise to give it my all and provide only the "breast" for my clients!


You seem so busy. Do you have time to take me on as a client?

Fortunately, this is where I get to mix business and passion! I am utterly amazed by fellow professionals in my field and genuinely want to see your business succeed. Thankfully, I am able to do online marketing and website design from the comfort of my home and on the go. I only take on clients when my time is available and promise to give my undivided attention to each project.