Reviews from Past Clients

 "Without your expert, speedy skills my new (revised) web site would still be a dream.

My old site was created decades ago in Dreamweaver (which terrified me) and managed by Contribute (which I could drive reasonably well). Over time, of course, the site became obsolete in every way: ISP host, software, and content. I had already ported the old site to a new ISP (GoDaddy) but could no longer manage it because my newer computers were incompatible with Contribute. Thus my site ground to a miserable halt.

Enter Stephanie of the fantastic flying fingers. During one – get that? One! several-hour session at my computer with me supplying content on a second computer, she had a new lovely and workable WordPress site up and running. A short conversation with the ISP got the routing transferred to the new site. She even set up an online payment system that is much simpler than the service I’d been using for years, and less costly besides. Later and with some additional coaching by phone, I managed to add more content all by myself.

I’d recommend this genius to anyone wanting to set up, manage, revise or otherwise mess with a web site. Besides being technically skilled, she’s fast, pleasant, and fun to work with. I will cheerfully hire her again in a flash if/when I want to expand my site."

- Linda S.